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Butt of criticism


In this post, Journeyinghk shares with you two slang phrases for “butt of criticism” .

(1)俾人圍攻 (Cantonese)

bei2 jan4 wai4 gung1


(2) 犯眾僧 (Cantonese)

faan6 zung3zang1


(3) 眾矢之的  (Chinese Idiom)

zung3 ci2 zi1 dik1


butt of criticism

What’s Happening:

Donald Trump yesterday pulled the US from the “Paris climate accord”, which aims to keep a global temperature rise this century well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

Trump’s pullout drew a chorus of criticism from other nations and within its business sectors – Apple, Facebook, JPMorgan are among those who decried him for the decision.

The Cantonese we speak:

As criticism from across the world rolled, you can say:

(1)   美國今次俾人圍攻。(The US has become the butt of criticism.)

mei5 gwok3 gam1 ci3 bei2 jan4 wai4

(2) 特朗普正一犯眾憎。 (Donald Trump is truly a unpopular person.)

dak6 long5 pou2 zing3 jat1 faan6 zung3 zang1

(3) 美國今次成為眾矢之的。(The US has become the butt  of criticism.)

mei5 gwok3 gam1 ci3 sing4 wai4 zhung3 ci2 zi1 dik1

P.S. (3) is in written form.

Learn More:

正一 is an adverb; it means “really”, often followed by something unpleasant.

e.g. 正一八婆黎架! (she’s such a bitch.)

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