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Someone got to be held responsible

someone got to be held responsible for this

In this post, Journey11 shares with you a Cantonese slang phrase, meaning “someone got to be held responsible for this”


held responsible

Whats Happening:

A ship collision in mainland waters last Thursday ended up in a palm oil spill, with tremendous amount of congealed oil pollutants pushing up onto Hong Kong’s beaches and coasts, followed by sightings of gelatinous chunks of oil and sadly, a large amount of dead fish on shores. In the wake of spills, a dozen beaches have been closed and subsequent clean-up operation underway.

The eyesore spillage is expected to be worsening when the oil globs liquefied and dissolve into seawater. What make the whole thing even worse is that in such a serious pollution, taking into account the large affected area and the huge manpower it takes to clean up the mess, why is there yet no mentioning or prosecution of the culprit – the container vessel that leaks the oil? Passing it off as an accident is utterly unacceptable if anyone would say so. Someone got to be held responsible for this.

The Cantonese we speak:

When you want to say someone – whether you know who should be – got to be held responsible for something in a serious or authoritative tone of voice, you can say:


ni1 daan1 je5 jiu3 jau6 jan4 fu6 zaak3


點解個客突然之間唔同我地續約嫁?呢單野要有人負責!(Why did the client pull out of a contract with us? Well, someone got to be held responsible for this.)

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