Eat – Eggette

Eggette =雞蛋仔

Cantonese Pinyin: gai1 daan6 zai2

eggette egg waffle egg puff

One pack of eggette cost just 8HKD in my childhood compared to 15 – 20 HKD nowadays. Not just that, every day sees longer queues waiting outside popular egg waffle street stalls. For the first time, I do believe egg waffle vendors can sell their way into millionaires.


Cultural Points:

  • The invention of eggette was quite a funny story. Back then, the grocery store owners didn’t want to waste broken eggs. They came up with an idea to mix the eggs with sugar, butter, flour and condensed milk, pour the batter into molds and bake it. Thereafter, egg waffle iron pans were invented. So there we are. What originally was food waste now becomes a delectable Hong Kong styled treat. And it comes up trumps for sure.


  • Thanks to a prospering tourism (notably Chinese visitors swarming in), egg waffle stalls have been popping up around busy street corners and the waffle batter can be made from anything from original, rich egg flavor to sesame and choco chips, and to as bold as durian (Yick for a durian hater).


  • In some food stalls, eggette is put in a paper bag that is dotted with holes so that it keeps the yummy egg treat crispy without sogginess caused by trapped heat.

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