Eat – Egg Waffle

hong kong style grid cake, Journey 11

Egg Waffle / Grid Cake = 格仔餅

Cantonese Pinyin: gaak3 zai2 beng2

hong kong style grid cake, journey 11

Eggette (雞蛋仔)and Grid Cake are like a legendary duo in Hong Kong’s egg waffle family. They definitely are one of the top-rated street foods in the city, for locals and visitors alike. Now, you may also see them sold in supermarkets. But well, their tastes are probably much less delicious than those in street food stalls.


Cultural Points:

  • Grid Cake is spread with butter, peanut butter and condensed milk. A crispy exterior and soft interior is what expects to be up to standard.
  • Popularity-wise, eggette always beats grid cake. Egg waffle stalls often with Chinese characters of “eggette” as part of their brand names proves to that. Well, of course, eggette has much more flavors to offer too.
  • If you are peckish and feel like some snacks to munch on, go for grid cake and pig out until you get high on sugar! Grid cake makes you full easily.

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