Eat – red bean ice

Red Bean Ice = 紅豆冰

Cantonese Pinyin: hung4 dau6 bing1


Red bean ice has been evolving from its original mix of red bean, evaporated milk and ice. Nowadays it also serves with coconut milk, milk tea, green tea, grass jelly or ice-cream of any flavours.

Cultural Points:

  • Making a cup of perfect red bean ice is by no means easy. The proportion of red bean has to be perfectly right; too little and the drink will become sloppy; too much and it will turn overly sweet. The choice of ice is equally important. Ideally, crushed ice tubes should be used instead of those in normal size to get more even cooling for one thing, and for another, to make them small enough to go up the bigger straw together with the bean. This gives a mixed texture of soft and crunchy, sweet and cool.

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