Health – Run a fever

Running a fever

Run a fever =發燒

Cantonese Pinyin: faat3 siu1


A:Oh man, your forehead feels hot. You’re running a fever!

B:Oh no, not again. Only when I’m on holiday!



Cultural Points:

Contrary to the western culture inclining to cool down a fever patient with cold water and ice bag, Chinese traditions do the opposite – wrapping the patient up in a warm duvet in order to break out in a sweat.

Grammar Points:

緊 [gan2]

When 「緊」describes an action, it is akin to –ing form in English language’s present continuous tense.

e.g. 發緊燒 (having fever)

e.g. 食緊野 (eating)

e.g. 做緊咩? (doing what)

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