Misfortune – Selfie Distraction

Looking up in the city and one will easily spot skyscrapers, flyovers, elevated roads and big signboards all over the place. The towers obstruct the panoramic sky view, leaving many city dwellers wondering how long they have detached from nature.

The sight of green landscape under a glaring sky looks terrific. It’s worth taking a couple of snapshots to honor natural beauty and impress others, for example, sharing them to online community.  Indeed, the sharing of landscape pictures not just grows the city’s appetite for hiking, but somehow encourages hikers to take more breathtaking scenic photos. Some adventurous few even stand at cliff edges to get best shots without knowing that they are going to fall deep down.

Selfie on trails can be dangerous

Dining in restaurants, when you taking shots of photogenic food, you will only miss the timely moment to dig in, or, at worst, annoy your hungry companions if the photo-taking process is a long wait. But doing dangerous selfies on trails is anther kettle of fish. It is far more serious than that.

Don’t assume cliff rocks are strong enough for you to stand or sit on – some may get loose after continuous weathering, while others have slippery surfaces in thick fog or humid climate. They can be the traps in disguise to send you down cliffs of several hundred metres deep. Note that some trails (like Fung Wong Shan) are dotted with tiny rocks and not flanked by fencing on either side. Even just standing still for a shot will carry high risks to yourself as well as the people behind. The best practice is to check your surrounds and only stop for a shot when you are in a safer position.

Last but not least, if you ended up in any casualties after being warned by hazard signs mounting on trails, you may not be able to make any insurance claims.

Recent hiking accidents due to selfies

2017 January – Bride’s Pool
A man fell to his death while checking the scene he intended to take photos.

2016 March – Lion’s Rock
A 22-year-old man fell to his death down a 150-metre cliff when trying a selfie near the Lion’s head.

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