Eat – sharing table

搭檯 share table

搭枱=sharing table

Cantonese Pinyin: daap3 toi2


During lunch or dinner time, if two people dine in a Cha Chaan Teng, they have to sit on the same side of a seating booth so others can share the table.



Cultural Points:

  1. 卡位 (kaa1 wai2) – typically is four-seat booth seating, often seen in a cha chaan teng setting to go with a mix of round or square tables.
  2. Booth seating is ideally for chat over drinks during afternoon tea time, as it provide more privacy and less likely to share with others. That’s why in Cha Chaan Teng, it’s quite noisy and you can hear of lots of gossips. lol
  3. 食晏 (sik6 aan3) means going to lunch ; 飲下午茶 (jam2 haa6 ng5 caa4) means having afternoon tea, the food sets of which are cheaper and portion smaller.

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