Eat – silk-stocking milk tea


Silk-stocking Milk Tea / Hong Kong Milk Tea =絲襪奶茶

Cantonese Pinyin: si1 mat6 naai5 caa4


Silk-stocking milk tea is not actually made by silk-stocking, but rather by a similar-looking sackcloth bag used to filter tea leaves.


Cultural Points:

  • 冰鎮奶茶 (bing zan3 naai5 caa4) – first introduced by Tai Hing Restaurant Chain, an enhanced version of typical milk tea in preserving its original flavour by chilling the cup of drink in a glass bowl filled with ice, so that the melting ice won’t dilute the taste. “
chilled milk tea 冰鎮奶茶
Chilled milk tea
  • 珍珠奶茶(zan1 zyu1 naai5 caa4)- a popular Taiwanese drink which combines milk tea with tapioca balls and be shaken usually in a sealed  cup. The bubble milk tea is the standard one, but it also comes with a variety of flavours to choose from, depending on what tea base and ingredients you choose. Several Taiwanese  beverage brands entered Hong Kong market to serve bubble tea, the growing popularity of which is evident in long queues outside these shops.
bubble milk tea
Bubble milk tea
  • 拉茶/南洋奶茶(laai1 caa4) –  A hot-served milk tea beverage in South Asia, notably in Malaysia and Singapore, normally made by pulling a mixture of tea and condensed milk (instead of milk and no sugar is further needed) in and out of two vessels – from a height – for several times.


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