Eat – French Toast

French Toast = 西多士

Cantonese Pinyin: sai1 do1 si2


Common french toast served in Cha Chaan Teng is a deep-fried sandwich of two slices of bread (some have 3), spread with peanut butter in between and served with butter and golden syrup.

hong kong styled french toast

Cultural Points:

  1. 花生醬(faa1 saang1 zoeng3, meaning peanut butter )西多士、黃金(wong4 kam1, literally gold)西多士、法蘭(fat3 laan4)西多士 all refer to French Toast, but they can be different in fillings. The former has peanut butter inside while the latter two usually don’t. Also in some eateries, French Toast serves with condensed milk instead of syrup.
  2. As the inhabitants of a foodie’s paradise, Hongkonger’s appetite won’t be satisfied with just the classic flavour. Some Cha Chaan Tengs now serve custard cream-filled or even satay beef-filled French Toast. As delicious as they are original!

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