Fast Fashion Tricks

Ever find yourself struggling not to buy on a whim in fast fashion stores? Before going in, you did tell yourself just to look around, but it never really happens.

Sounds familiar? Don’t fret. You are not alone and it isn’t enough to prove you as a shopaholic. Instead, the temptation of buying more could be the result of the magic of fast fashion.

Simply put, the phrase “Fast Fashion” means affordable clothing that mimics current luxury fashion trends, primarily from latest fashion shows or top-notch designers’ collections.

Since it first emerged in Hong Kong a decade ago, brand new collections from heaps of fashion brands have been pushed out to the market in lightning speed, with latest ones replacing the not-so-old almost bi-weekly.

On the upside, fast fashion means having stylish clothing at purse-friendly rates; but on the downside, you just get easily carried away and go on splurging. What makes it even worse is so often you come across your peers sporting the same outfits – shirts, dresses, skirts, trousers, shorts, sweaters or jackets, you name it – you are currently wearing.

If one moment you find yourself sad, regretful about buying too many clothes, then the next convince that the countless ways of mix-and-match styles will ultimately get more bang for the buck, you probably have fallen into the habit of fast fashion without even noticing it.

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