Jazz up school uniform – Backpacks

Buying a new school bag is never easy. The market is nothing short of fashion brands, it’s just that a majority of students go for such brand names as Anello, Fjallraven, Gregory and Doughnut – some of them just looking similar to each other – making us believe the choices are few.

For students, backpack is the most common style for the sheer number of books they have to carry nowadays. A backpack distributes weight on both straps and cause less back pain in the long run. To pick the right school bag, volume will need to be ample and the look be stylish to match the uniform. The following are our picks within the price range of Anello, Fjallraven, Gregory and Doughnut, yet make more individual statement.

1parc du clueto canvas backpack

Originated from Kobe, Japan, parc du clueto is gracefully made with fine canvas (Kurashiki being the most famous of all), boasting a neat and simple design and imparting an East Asian fashion. The closure of snap buttons gives a signature of design.

parc du clueto canvas backpack

2Ultrahard backpack / crossbody bag

This design bag by Ultrahard is a real thoughtful one for students, with pockets of various sizes to hold books and all kinds of stationery. Its elegant simplicity boasts a hipster look, whatever it’s true or not. The brand was once sold at Eslite (not sure if it’s still there).

Ultrahard backpack / crossbody bag

3Handmade SEAL bag

This SEAL backpack comes with a hefty price tag, but it’s worth it. First of all, it’s eco-friendly, genuinely made with recycled tires. Secondly, it’s extremely durable, thanks to the inherent properties of tires that are waterproof and wear-resistant. Thirdly, it’s unique in that each used tire has its own patterns of wear and tear. Last but not least, it’s handmade in Japan, a symbol of a quality assurance. SEAL bags are available at K11.

SEAL Backpack

These are just as fashionable as some of the common college bags to grace the school uniform, if not more. Stay tuned for more.

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