Jazz up school uniform – Eyewear

If I could change one thing in my schooldays, it most certainly would be the mandatory school uniform. The skirt, in particular, is definitely no match for the Japanese sailor style – one that is stunningly beautiful and often seen in Manga.

But just because wearing the same thing doesn’t mean you can’t style out loud or express your individuality, so to speak. Your wearable accessories are good places to start – as long as they won’t interfere with the school rules.


(1) Gradient Plastic Frame Glasses

If plastic frames of solid colors are only too common at school, those in gradient colors would be fit for you with a little playfulness, but not overdone. The cat-eye round glasses introduce a great visual impact and best enhance your facial features.

cat-eye eyewear

(2) Butterfly-shaped Lenses With Tortoise Shell Frames

Oversized butterfly-shaped glasses are easy to style with outfits and have always been one of celebrities’ must-have pieces. However, as school uniforms are much less adventurous in colors than fashionable clothing, tortoise-shell or amber-coloured frames work perfect against uniforms in neutral shades. As a rule of thumb, subtle detailing is the key when it comes to oversized objects.

(3) Thin Metal Rim Glasses In Round Shapes

A great hit back in the 70s and 80s, this classic optical style makes a comeback with a sense of girly innocence. If your school uniform were a reminder of the best moments of your adolescence, this type of spectacles would bear witness to your school life so sweet to recall.

thin metal rim eyewear

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