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A blessing in disguise

blessing-in-disguise Journey 11

In this post, Journeyinghk shares with you 2 idioms for “a blessing in disguise”

  1. 塞翁失馬,焉知非福 ( both spoken and written)

coi3 jung1 sat1 maa5 jin1 zi1 fei1 fuk1


      2.因禍得福。(both spoken and written)

jan1 wo6 dak1 fuk1


blessing in disguise english cantonese

What’s Happening:

It’s that time of a year when S6 graduates get their DSE certificates. Some cry for joy, while others just cry. Whatever the result comes out, hopes are always around. Stay positive and see yourself there in where you want to be!

The Cantonese we speak:

When you comfort someone to say what you now get can actually be a blessing in disguise, you can say:

(1) 不用灰心,塞翁失馬,焉知非福!(Cheer up. It’s a blessing in disguise )

ng4 sai2 fui1 gaa3, sam1 coi3 jung1 sat1 maa5 jin1 zi1 fei1 fuk1


When you reflect on a bad thing that happened and realise it actually has made you get better, you can say:

(2) 呢次係因禍得福。 (It’s not making me worse, but better.)

ne1 ci3 hai6 jan1 wo6 dak1 fuk1


P.S. (1) is in written form.

Learn More:

“呢次” (ne1 ci3) means “this time” ,to refer a recent time.


“果次” (gwo2 ci3) means “that time”, to refer a past time.


“有一次” (jau6 jat1 ci3) means ” there is one time…”, to refer a past time, but with vague memory.

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