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Debunk someone’s lies

debunk lies

In this post, Journey11 shares with you Cantonese slang meaning “see through, or debunk, someone’s lies / claims.”


caak3 cyun1 keoi5 go3 sai1 joeng4 geng3

識穿佢; 俾人識穿

sik1 cyun1 keoi5 ; bei2 jan4 sik1 cyun1

What’s Happening:

The Shenyang hospital treating ailing Chinese Nobel Laureate , Liu Xiaobo, earlier asked for foreign experts’ assistance to cure Liu’s late-stage liver cancer.

In response to the controversial issue of whether Liu’s condition can be released on medical parole, the hospital quoted the foreign physicians as saying that they agreed Liu’s condition is too weak to travel, which is later  found to be fraudulent.

The foreign doctors later made a joint statement saying that they believe he can be moved overseas for treatment safely, but it needs to happen soon.

The Cantonese we speak:

So now, the foreign doctors has debunked the mainland hospital’s lie.

You can say:

(1) 今次仲唔拆穿佢個西洋鏡!(this time their lie is debunked. )

gam1 ci3 zung6 ng4 caak3 cyun1 keoi5 go3 sai1 joeng4 geng3

(2) 今次仲唔俾人識穿 !(this time their lie is debunked.)

gam1 ci3 zung6 ng4 bei2 jan4 sik1 cyun1

p.s. (2) is more common to use in daily life.

Key Points

sentence structure: 今次仲唔。。。means “this time someone will be…for sure”

  • e.g. 1 今次仲唔發達! (this time I will be rich for sure.)

– it could be that I get a horse racing tip straight from the horse’s mouth.

  • e.g. 2 今次仲唔到我上位!(this time I will get promoted for sure.)

– it could be that the my direct line manager has just retired and I seem to be the best fit for his position.

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