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Run away in a panic


In this post, Journey11 shares with you a Cantonese expression, meaning “to run away in a panic”


run away in a panic

What’s Happening:

Shoppers in a Tsuen Wan’s shopping mall were splashed by corrosive acid dripped down from a dilapidated pipeline yesterday. Crowds ran away in a panic from the scene. Eight people sustained minor injuries by the acid and were later discharged from hospital after medical treatment.

According to police, the blocked pipe had just been unclogged with corrosive acid the day before. It was believed that the diluted drops leaked out from that pipe and caused the accident.

The injury brings back memory of Mong Kok acid attacks several years ago which injured more than a hundred as corrosive acid rained down onto busy shopping streets.

The Cantonese we speak:

When you want to say people run away in a panic all of a sudden, you can say:


gor3 gor3 haak3 dou3 gai1 fei1 gau2 zau2

Grammar Points

個個 mean everyone

e.g. 個個都返工,唔通個個都想返工咩?

(Everyone goes to work, but it never means everyone loves to work.)

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