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Tomorrow is not guaranteed

tomorrow is not guaranteed

In this post, Journey11 shares with you Cantonese expressions which means “nothing is guaranteed in life”

  1. 今日唔知聽日事
  2. 呢D野話唔埋架

What’s Happening:

Three tunnel workers of CLP were digging a tunnel running five metres below ground at Hung Hom. While they were in the underground tunnel , sewage water abruptly rushed in from a burst sewage pipe and claimed their lives.

The Cantonese we speak:

See how fragile life is ! You may even wonder if life is destined.

You can say:

(1) 做人嘅野,真係今日唔知聽日事!(when it comes to life, we’re not guaranteed a tomorrow. )

zou6 jan4 ge3 je5, zan1 hai6 gam1 jat6 ng4 zi3 ting1 jat6 si6

(2) 呢D野話真係唔埋架 ! (you can never tell what’s coming.)

nei1 ‘D’ je5 zan1 hai6 waa6 ng4 maai4 gaa3

Grammar Points

真係 is an adverb; it means “indeed”, “really”

  • e.g. 佢真係好賤!(He is a real bastard!)
  • e.g. 佢真係好靚!(She is drop dead gorgeous!)

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