Men’s Bag Specials for Father’s Day

Choosing gifts for fathers is a lot more challenging than for boyfriends. Honestly, how often will dads tell his kids what they want to have?

Just because dads don’t speak their mind doesn’t mean we don’t have to think of Father’s day gifts. What we want to see is the joy of happiness on dads’ face, just like the happiness moms get on Mother’s day.

When it comes to picking dads’ gifts, practicality is key. We naturally think of clothing and shoes as being most practical ones. However, we hardly realize they actually need a decent men’s bag to put their belongings.

Come to think about what sort of things dads often bring along – from essential items like keys, a wallet and mobile phone to tech gadgets like ipad, SLR camera and laptop, to go with a few personal items like reading glasses and books and an umbrella. These are just a handful. You probably see how indispensible a smart handbag or backpack will be for dads’ everyday use.

Below are our picks of men’s bag styles that aptly accentuate the characters of dads that are typically tough on the outside but soft on the inside.

  1. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein makes it name for elegant simplicity. Its range of products lends a sense of unpretentious grace that resembles the down-to-earth attitude of a dad. This backpack has a classic black body to go with a faux leather pocket in navy blue, adding the perfect touch of detail. The multiple compartments inside keep things in order.


  1. Paul Smith

The English brand has been faithful to its design philosophy, always making its own statement. The brand logo and zipper pulls on this backpack are made with genuine leather. The focus is subtly put on inner strap surfaces that are designed with contrasting striped patterns, similar to the playful side of a dad underneath his solemn look.


  1. Ted Baker

This is another renowned British brand specializing in men’s fashion. Paul Smith has been putting high emphasis on quality, even more so in this digital age where all other brands value publicity more than anything else. It truly lives up to the spirit of “Let the product do the speaking”. This briefcase boasts sleek, clean lines and can be carried on the shoulder or by hand. The classic British style blended in its muted tones underline dad’s self-confident image.


  1. Hugo Boss

As with women’s craze over leather smells, men tend to admire leather in craftsmanship aspect. Hugo Boss is among one of the haute couture brands in men’s clothing and this cross body leather bag from the German brand showcases its excellent craftsmanship with a soft, cozy touch. The bag comes with inside and outside pockets and goes well with simple, stylish suits.


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