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In this post, Journey11 shares with you a Cantonese idiom, meaning “pity seeking”.

  1. 博同情
  2. 扮哂野


Whats Happening:

A primary school principal in Tuen Mun was accused of using a false instrument to inflate roster in an attempt to get subsidized funding, with 21 “phantom students” registered in the school never attending class for a whole year but still being able to move up to the next grade.

In a press conference, the teary-eyed principal responded that it was a matter of infighting among staff, and that the absent students had family matters to deal with. There was no reason to dismiss their school places. She then said tearfully she felt extremely wronged about all those allegations and defended that all she did was for the benefit of students.

The Cantonese we speak:

When you hit out at or joke with someone for pity seeking, you can say:

  1. 您唔駛喺度博同情啦 (nei5 ng4 sai2 hai2 dou6 bok3 tung4 cing4 laa3)

e.g. 擺到明係你唔小心做錯野,您唔駛喺度博同情啦!(Save the self-pity. It’s obviously a careless mistake. )

  1. 唔好扮唒野呀 (ng4 hou3 baan3 je5 aa3)

e.g. 輕輕撞到你一下就嗌痛,唔好扮野呀!(It’s only a gentle push. Don’t make like it hurts so much with all these pity-seeking stuff.)

Grammar Point

擺到明 means It’s obvious that…

e.g. 擺到明鍾意人啦 (It’s obvious you have a crush on her.)

e.g. 擺到明係你做啦 (It’s obvious you did this.)

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