Refundable fashion stores in HK

fast fashion hong konh

Fast fashion took root in Hong Kong a decade ago and it’s never been stronger. Almost in every big mall in the city you can find a cluster of fast fashion stores selling similar styles of clothing. Honestly, they are now as often seen as fast food chain stores.

We are now spoilt for stylish clothing choices following trends trickled down from international runways and, above all, priced at purse-friendly rates. The way to wear a personalised outfit has never been easier.



But then, as often happen, we go to a fast fashion store and splurge on new items, taking them home to experiment with mix-and-match looks, and then go into another to get more until, unintentionally, your bedroom’s wardrobes at home have filled the capacity.

And that comes the regret part: You wanted to stop, but that never happens right? Well, it’s no use crying over spilled milk. But something might be able to ease your burden – and the load of your wardrobe too, if you bought your clothes at the right places. Make sure you have the below boxes checked:

  1. Do you still have the purchase receipts with you?
  2. Do the clothing hangtags remain intact?
  3. Did you buy them at the following fast fashion stores?

Right, you get it. You can take the unwanted clothes back to the store and get a refund (yet never abuse it). Odds are that we get emotional as soon as we spot new collections put up for sales with attractive discounts. Refund is the beauty of most fast fashion stores where items come and go in the blink of an eye.

As always, terms and conditions apply. Refund policies vary from store to store. Some may exclude discounted or online purchase items. It would be safe to get familiar with them beforehand.

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